Benefits of using Resume Parsing

Benefits of using resume parsing

No matter if you’re a recruiter or hiring manager, as you parse resumes and cover letters using our CV parser technology, you’ll find that there are some clear and straightforward advantages to doing so. 

  • Saves time: By identifying and organizing applications with relevant skills and information, and eliminating those without, resume parsing with CV parser can save hiring managers hours spent manually reading through each resume and cover letter that comes across their desk.
  • Multiple formats: CV Parser accept cover letters and resumes in a variety of forms, meaning you won’t have to turn anything away. Most accept documents in formats like PDF, TXT, DOC, and DOCX, JPEG..etc.
  • Smarter hiring: Using a resume parser from CV Parser increases the likelihood of finding various qualified candidates that match the job descriptions of open positions at your company. Because of this, chances are you’ll hire the applicant best fit for the role based on their unique candidate experience.
  • Integration with ATS: Since CV Parser can be integrated with Applicant Tracking System solutions, you’ll be able to access everything you need about a candidate in one place.
  • Eliminate bias: Because you can customize CV parser to omit specific information, you can eliminate unintentional biases when looking at a resume or cover letter. For instance, you can disable fields like age, gender, school or university name, a candidate image or headshot, and their date of birth.
  • Social media parsing: With improvements in technology, it’s possible for CV parser to also parse a candidate’s social media page, like their LinkedIn page, into a usable form
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